Ayden Panhuyzen


I'm a 18 year old from Canada who makes things. Currently working at Dynastic to make developer's lives easier.

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My Projects

iOS apps

Reveal Timer Reveal Timer counts down to the next Apple event in a simplistic and stylish manner, with a beautiful Apple Watch app and infinitely useful widget.
PowerSpeech PowerSpeech is a tool that allows people with verbal difficulties to easier communicate with others, using its beautiful UI, in a quick and easy fashion.
Bank Bank is a fast, simple, and native app designed for viewing your bank account's balance and transactions. It will soon have widgets, notifications, and more.
Serial Quickly view information about an Apple device by simply entering or scanning it's serial number. Useful for buying test devices on certain iOS versions.
ScanBook Allows you to take anything with a barcode and turn it into a virtual card. Slim down your wallet by saving boarding passes, coupons, tickets, and more to the Wallet app.
No longer available
SketchTalk One of my oldest apps, SketchTalk, inspired by Pictochat, let's you communicate with those around you by fun doodles, rather than just text.
No longer available

Other iOS projects

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You can view some of my other projects on my GitHub