Ultrasound Anti-Sale for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In October 2019, I made my previously paid but now free tweak, Ultrasound, paid again to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Dubbed an ‘anti-sale,’ the promotion raised the cost of the tweak to US$5.00. You can read more about it here, in the Reddit post I made to announce it.

The Results

In total, we donated CA$890.07, which will count for approximately CA$1,780.14! Here’s a breakdown of how that came to be:

Throughout this last week, 74 generous people bought Ultrasound to donate. This added up to a grand total of US$370.00, before PayPal fees, as you can see from this screen grab of the Dynastic Repo statistics page.

I made a new PayPal account for this sale, to ensure the funds were kept separate from anything else. At this point, it has a total of US$333.46 in it, which is after the fees PayPal takes. Since I promised that I would match donations, I now transferred US$370.00 from my bank account (linked to another PayPal) to match everyone’s purchases. There was no PayPal fee incurred on this transfer. With the donations matched by me, the total was now US$703.46.

Since the donation will be made in Canadian Dollars, I now converted the balance of the PayPal account to CAD (previously USD). Unfortunately, this conversion appears to have incurred a small fee from PayPal, but the new total is CA$890.07.

From there, I donated the entire balance of the PayPal account. You can see the receipt from the CCS here and the PayPal transaction receipt here.

Our donation

Since the CCS also has donations matched during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our donation counts as double! In total, that means CA$1,780.14 for a great cause.

If you donated to this cause, either through this anti-sale or independently, thank you for your donation!

I’m really proud of what we were able to achieve here. I hope that this money, combined with the donations of many other generous people, can help fund support and research to help people inflicted with this horrible disease.

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